Q & A

Q. What happens if the artwork is damaged or stolen?
A. Artsite Gallery will meet all costs relating to such an event.

Q. How often can I change the artwork?
A. At any time you can contact us and have the art changed.

Q. Are there any contracts to sign?
A. There are no contracts to sign.

Q. Can delivery be made, if so, what cost?
A.  We deliver and collect at no cost to the client.

Q. What is the indicative price for an art print?
A. The price depends on whether the print is an Open Edition print or a Limited Edition print. Prices do vary accordingly and a quotation can be given once the art print is decided upon. Price on application applies.

Q. Are we able to have our artworks framed and also re framed?
A. Yes, we can collect your art work and have it reframed. The regular price for this is around $150. At the time of collection we can give you a more accurate pricing.

Q. Do you have a hanging service.
A. Yes we do provide a hanging service. We hang art at no cost to you if it has been hired or purchased from Artsite Gallery. If you require your existing art to be hung the price is $45.00 + gst per hour.